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Installation of Levenseat project is underway

We Design Things Smart

You Experience Results with the most Efficient Recycling Equipment

Here at Machinex, we use innovative recycling solutions to design and produce custom-made sorting and recycling technology for facilities all around the world. As industry leader in the design of profitable and reliable material recycling facilities, we offer a full range of waste recycling equipment in addition to our state-of-the-art sorting systems for single stream, construction and demolition debris, commercial and industrial waste, front-end processing for waste-to-energy plant, as well as conventional municipal solid waste, to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Recycling Solutions

We provide you with the very latest in recycling equipment technology to upgrade recycling plants and add to profitability. Our specialized peripheral recycling machines (e.g., discs screens separators, trommels, shredders, bag openers, glass cleanup systems, over belt magnets, eddy current separators) integrate and improve your recycling system needs. Machinex recycling equipment can also be used for more specific applications such as recycling plastics, cardboard recycling and compactors for waste transfer station.

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