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Installation of Levenseat project is underway

Experience Results with a Leader of Recycling Technology


In the early 1980s, Machinex became the first company in Canada to design machinery for material recycling facilities. The company immediately established itself as a leader in designing profitable quality recycling sorting systems. Today, Machinex is still a world leader in the industry, developing cutting edge sorting, waste management and recycling technology. Over the years, our experts have designed and installed over 250 turnkey facilities in partnership with leading MRFs in Canada, the United States and Northern Europe.


Our mission is to provide the markets that we serve with the best leading edge recycling technology available. We are committed to the highest quality standards in our design and manufacturing processes to offer our clients reliable innovative recycling solutions at a competitive cost while operating our business in an environmentally responsible manner.

Experience Results in Quality Equipment

manufacturing.JPGZoom [+]All our products are designed and manufactured in house by skilled craftsmen with extensive experience and unmatched industry knowledge. Our designers and engineers pride themselves on the lasting quality of their workmanship and are there to assist and design equipment or systems to perform according to your expectations. Expertise means understanding the market, the trends and your concerns to remain competitive. Our field engineers keep in touch with major recycling associations and in tune with your specific market needs ready to design and create your future projects.


opera.JPGZoom [+]With over 36,000 sq.ft. of floorage, the Machinex plant facility incorporates the latest CAD-CAM manufacturing process and advanced machinery required for manufacturing reliable, durable equipment. Since we use only quality materials in our equipment, you are guaranteed reliable components requiring minimal maintenance.

Experience Results in Superior Design

Engineers and technicians are proficient with cutting edge 3D drafting stations for comprehensive and accurate plans and drawings. Versatile, creative and experienced, they have more than 450 custom-designed installations to their credit.

Experience Results in Real Customer Care

Our senior staff, design team and technicians dedicate themselves completely to your project from the onset. Together, we can ensure quality control, from blue-prints to assembly. We make sure that your equipment works from day one, no ifs, ands, or buts. We follow up on every one of our installations, meeting with you to discuss performance. And, if problems do arise, our sales and technical support network are there to assist you.

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