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Experience Results with Control and Management


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Machinex has its own Automation/Control Department which ensures the design, manufacturing, programming and installation of equipment while adhering to the current standards as a whole in each country. Machinex is able to build CSA, CSA us and CE accredited panels. Our team of programmers, technicians and engineers ensure that the control panels are strictly assembled, inspected, packaged, delivered and put into service in accordance with our quality standards.

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The components used are selected so as to provide reliable, high-performance and safe control solutions while respecting both the economical and technological needs of our customers. Conscious of the importance of minimizing halts in production, Machinex also ensure that the components, as well as the service related thereto, are available throughout the world. Our technicians and engineers are trained to integrate and program the power and control components of various world-renowned manufacturers, such as: OMRON, ALLEN BRADLEY, SIEMENS and SCHNEIDER.

From a trouble-shooting standpoint, Machinex has an important spare parts inventory, and our technicians can perform a diagnosis of your system via remote Internet access. Be it a new installation or an update of your current equipment, Machinex and its Automation/Control Department has the necessary expertise to properly advise and serve you.

Mach Pocket Control

Mach Pocket Control.JPGZoom [+]For Machinex Sorting Systems only – interfaces with your system's PLC to remotely manage separator parameters, conveyor speed, and more. It can be used to start and stop equipment and manage maintenance schedules throughout your plant, keeping shutdowns to a minimum and improving security. Developed in-house by Machinex, this software is adapted to your own system for optimal results and maximum flexibility.

Scada Management System

More than just an information system, the SCADA Management System offered by Machinex turns out to be an excellent management tool, allowing recycling facility managers to obtain the necessary reports in order to detect productivity losses and thus improve their profitability. SCADA allows for obtaining reports according to customer-selected parameters; it provides event analysis for each machine, easily detects production anomalies, targets losses in productivity, keeps track of the number of alarms and halts in production, as well as detects the causes related thereto. Data archiving allows for tracing the history of equipment which generate halts in production. If the option is requested, SCADA can also provide the tonnage for reclaimed materials and rejects. 

High Quality recycling equipment High Quality recycling equipment

Machinex has been manufacturing recycling equipment for over 30 years. Take a closer look at some of the developments we are most proud of because our expertise leads to a whole world of experience for you to enjoy. Choose a category below and click for more information.