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Experience Results in Fiber Sorting Recycling

The Machinex disc screen separators MACH series drives purity levels in fiber sorting recycling up to 98% or higher and pushes performance levels way beyond expectations.

All MACH solutions have advanced features that are specifically designed to drive your Material Recycling Facility profitability:

  • Multiple angle variation and configuration to adapt to any sorting requirements
  • Independent deck portion
  • Speed variation to increase sorting capability
  • Screening configuration flexibility as a key tool to operations
  • Deck angles and speeds vary according to material size and volume
  • Discs adjust independently to modify sorting openings

Our engineers custom design every MACH separator to revolutionize your MRF by slashing manpower costs and boosting output. Have one retrofitted with your current sorting equipment set-up, or ask us for a complete sorting system and experience results!

Enjoy the benefits of the MACH separators:

  • Separate fibers from carton and cardboard
  • Separate fibers from containers
  • Increases newsprint sorting flow
  • Increase paper recovery
  • Greatly improves the quality of the newsprint sorted

OCC Sorting Solutions

Machinex also develop stand alone OCC sorting solutions. If you are looking for an alternate OCC sorting line, want to recover cardboard out of your transfer station, need to improve the process of your commercial fiber contract, then give us a call we have a solution for you!

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