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Experience Results with the MACH Ballistic Separator

MACH series Separators are recognized by many industry experts as the optimum separators for efficiency and performance in Material Recovery Facilities.  The MACH Ballistic separator includes many of the benefits of the current MACH Separators with added features that improve performance. 

The MACH Ballistic separator is designed for sorting 2D materials (plastic film, paper, cardboard and fibers) and 3D materials (containers, plastic bottles, cans, stone  wood, etc.). While the 2D materials travels up the slope in a forward direction with the paddles, the 3D material bounces or rolls downward.  Fine particles can be collected separately with the optional variable screen openings.

This separator can handle different material type including Single-Stream, Municipal Solid Waste, Commercial and Industrial Waste. Multiple separators can be configured vertically or horizontally to address your sorting challenges.

In addition to being sturdy and reliable, this separator offers many interesting benefits for the MRF operators :

  • Separates fibers, containers and fine particles
  • Increases the quality of sorted material
  • Reduces operating and maintenance costs
  • Easy and safe maintenance
  • Versatility : ensures that different material types can be processed within a single system


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