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Installation of Levenseat project is underway

Experience Results with Our Dependable Sorting Systems

Our experience is what allows us to provide expert advice on recycling solutions that deliver top performance and profitability! We offer the most efficient systems in the industry, with smart designs and fully automated recycling sorting systems.

Experience Results with Custom-Built Solutions

3D.JPGZoom [+]Whatever the configuration of your recycling facility and your type of operation (Single-Stream, C&Ds, Waste-To-Energy plant, etc. ) you need sorting equipment that has been designed to meet your space requirements, output objectives, and budget. At Machinex, our engineers do not just design sorting systems for you — they design them with you. After all, we are leader in custom-designed of complete recycling and sorting solutions. Over 25 years and more than 250 flawless sorting systems later, our expertise will transform any of your projects into a profitable solution.

Experience Results with Turnkey Installation and Startup

Our highly-qualified team has unmatched industry knowledge in the design and installation of any type of recycling system technology. Our fully-integrated design and manufacturing process eliminates design errors — and that means easy installation, quick startup times, and no missing parts. Furthermore, our sturdy and adapted recycling equipment and sorting systems are made for minimal, trouble-free maintenance and smart everyday operation.

Experience Results with a Sorting System Performance Diagnosis

Our expert team can perform a complete diagnosis of your sorting center's performance and suggest ways to optimize operations and savings. Machinex professionals examine every detail of your facility, from the equipment you use to plant layout and processing efficiency. Look to us for all this:

  • Optimized performance
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Detailed cost studies to maximize ROI
  • Evaluation of layout design for enhanced efficiencies

Dependable sorting systems Dependable sorting systems

Single-Stream Sorting Single-Stream Sorting

Fiber Sorting Fiber Sorting

Construction & Demolition Recycling Construction & Demolition Recycling

Solid Waste Recycling Solid Waste Recycling

Waste-to-Energy Waste-to-Energy