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A Daycare For Machinex Parents

Daycare Les Petits M

About des Petits M daycare

Les Petits M Daycare aims to provide a nurturing environment where safety, kindness, enjoyment, active and supported learning prevail, all within the most natural and beautiful setting possible. Our mission is to offer a conducive environment for the healthy development of children.

Our facility, designed by Machinex primarily for Machinex employees to simplify their daily lives as parents, features stunning windows.

The brightness and openness create a warm and reassuring atmosphere. The equipment and layout are minimalist, pure, and natural, inspiring creativity and gentleness.

Located in Plessisville, our daycare provides an ideal environment for children’s development. Although nature is omnipresent inside the daycare, children also spend a lot of time outdoors. They learn through imitation, repetition, respect for rhythms, imagery representation, and play.

Our Facilities

1 triple nursery (5-18 months) accommodating 15 infants*

6 multi-age groups (18-48 months) accommodating 8 children each

2 preschool groups (48-60 months) accommodating 10 children each

*We welcome infants aged 5 months and older.

Opening Hours

Monday                  6h30am to 18pm

Tuesday                  6h30am to 18pm

Wednesday            6h30am to 18pm

Thursday                6h30am to 18pm

Friday                      6h30am to 18pm

Saturday               Closed

Sunday                  Closed

Les Petits M daycare offers a healthy and diverse menu established according to seasonal products. It adheres to the Canadian Food Guide and references the Gazelle and Potiron ministerial guide.

Request for Placement for Ages 0-5

Follow these steps to enroll:

1. Click on “I am a parent”.
2. Scroll down the page and select “Sign up”.
3. You must read the Terms of Use to proceed.
4. Complete your information, don’t forget to include your Machinex employment link if applicable.
5. Complete the User Profile.
6. In the “Priority related to the workplace or studies” section, answer “yes if you have an employment link with our mentioned partners”.
7. Select our facility: Les Petits M Daycare.


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