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Our Equipment

Our Technological Focus

Machinex Deposit offers a complete range of proven Equipment adapted to the Technological expectations generated by the Modernization of the Deposit-Return System.

The integration of these technologies within the solutions offered by Machinex Deposit is in part made possible because of our status as an exclusive supplier of various American and European technologies.

The Machinex Deposit Technologies allow Retailers, Industries, and Institutions to collect all Refundable plastic, aluminum, glass, or carton containers between 100 ml and 2 liters, while limiting the impact of collection on their main operations.

As each Technology has its own specificities, the role of our experts is to offer and integrate the most efficient and competitive machines adapted to your needs.

Our Solutions

Various Solutions for an Industry at the Edge of a Wide Transformation

Machinex Deposit has developed a range of solutions to meet various needs of the different players in the Deposit-Return value chain.

Whether you sell Refundable Containers, take part in their recovery, or are part of the value chain, we have a solution for you!

Our Technologies at Work!

Discover the Innovative Solutions from Machinex Deposit designed to Collect Refundable products! Our RVMs, Kiosks, Bag drops, and Return centers provide convenient and efficient options for collecting and sorting refundable containers.

Our solutions - Machinex Deposit


A Dedicated Team to Assist and Serve

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Any owner of a Deposit-Refund Collection technology will tell you nothing is more annoying and irritating to a consumer than a non-operating RVM in the entrance of a business.

This reality motivates our experienced service technicians to exceed your expectations in responsiveness, accuracy of troubleshooting and availability of spare parts.

Since the machines are connected and many problems can be solved quickly and remotely, our Customer Service is never more than a phone call away!

Available to Meet the Needs of Our Customers

Manufacturer of Recycling Equipment

Design Solutions for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Machinex Deposit, a division of Groupe Machinex specializes in supplying technologies and solutions adapted to the Collection of Refundable Containers. At the heart of the Machinex Deposit creation is a real desire to pursue the Machinex Group’s mission, which is to Design Solutions for a Sustainable Tomorrow.

Our goal is to implement innovative solutions that will promote and accelerate the customer experience in the Collection and Conditioning of Deposit-Return Containers while ensuring the traceability of the Refundable Containers ending in the Curbside Collection Program.