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Customer Service

A Dedicated Team to Assist and Serve You

The supply of various Equipment for the Collection, Sorting and Packaging of Deposit-Return Containers can be combined with different levels of Service and Support.

Just a Phone Call Away!

Since the Machines are Connected and many problems can be solved quickly and remotely, our Customer Service is never more than a phone call away!

Parts Available 
at All Times

Our many technicians on the road can be mobilized in the Shortest Possible Time. We ensure that spare parts are Always Available, as we know that any machine that is out of order can cause challenges for the Business and dissatisfaction for the users.

Service Offer

According to the 1-year Warranty offered on each machine, several options are available to ensure continuous Productivity of your Equipment:

On Request

Visit of a Technician on Request

You will be billed for travel, parts, and labor costs for each visit.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Preventive Maintenance

  • Our technician will come to inspect your Equipment and will give you an inspection report with the required actions, if necessary. A Fixed Cost for travel and inspection will be charged for each visit.
  • If replacements are needed, the technician will give you an estimate for the replacement of these parts.

Turnkey Contract

A turnkey Service Contract

  • An Annual Fee will be charged for each machine, which covers: Inspections, Spare Parts and any Expenses Attributed to Maintenance (other than daily cleaning and foreign object damage).
  • Your equipment will be integrated into our ongoing Maintenance Program and we will ensure that Preventive Maintenance is automatically handled by our team.
  • If some parts need to be replaced, our technicians will take care of it and all costs will be covered by Machinex Deposit.
  • This is the best strategy to make sure you have peace of mind and the highest Availability of Equipment.

Customer Service

North America

1 819 362-3281

Europe and International

+1 877 362-3281