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Bag Drops

The Bag Drop is a fast, efficient and maintenance-free way to collect Bulk bags of Deposit-Return Containers. Users will avoid lines and handling of containers.

It is a quick alternative; easy to deploy and frees up valuable store space. Users will simply register on the ConsignExpress Mobile Application, identify the bags with their client code, and drop off their bags of Mixed Deposit Materials at the nearest Bag Drop Container to their home.

We offer two types of technology: a Non-connected Model and a Connected Model.


The Standard Model (Not-connected) simply stores a large quantity of Refundable Container bags while limiting your investment.

It has up to 8 doors to maximize storage volume and offers a simple mechanical method to minimize theft. It requires no electrical hookup or cellular connection.


The Connected Model has all the elements of the standard model but Emphasizes Security, Material Traceability, and Customer Experience.

Equipped with a 120V or solar power input (optional) and LTE cellular connectivity, the Connected Bag Drop unit provides a Secure Deposit of Refundable Container Bags, unlocking the container doors upon validation of a customer code.

Thanks to its Connectivity, you will also be able to Monitor the Filling Rate, Optimize Transport Logistics, and allow full Traceability of the Bags. A Security Camera also allows you to monitor activities related to the Collection.

Technical specifications

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