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Bulk Reverse Vending Machines

Bulk RVMs

In the same format as the Modular RVM, a small revolution is now available in North America : the Reverse Vending Machine’s Bulk Feeder. By replacing the front panel of the Proline X with the front panel of the MEGA, it is now possible to Deposit all plastic and metal containers in a large compartment, instead of inserting them one by one into the machine.

The machine takes care of Separating, Identifying, and Sorting the Containers so that the user receives its payment. A second opening is also available to put glass and large carton containers in one by one. All types of Containers can be Returned to the same machine and compiled in the same transaction, avoiding wait times.

The experience is faster, user-friendly, and much less sticky for the hands!

Our Bulk RVM

RVM MEGA Proline Plus

Designed for easy and convenient returns of deposit containers. Processes plastic, cans, cartons or a mix of these, as well as one-way and refillable glass bottles.

1 to 8 cabinets
Surface area from 7,5 m² (1 cabinet) to 33,75 m² (8 cabinets)
100 Bulk containers/minute
Accepted containers
Storage capacity

1 Euro pallet per cabinet

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