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High Volume Counting and Sorting System (HLZ)

Bottle Depots need High-speed Equipment to handle the Large Volume of Containers to be processed.

For the Operation of a Bottle Depot, your best ally will be the HLZ, an industrial High-speed Counting and Sorting System. The operation of this Equipment is very simple:

  • Scan the customer’s identification code on the Bag, or type it manually in the machine.
  • The contents of the Bulk Bag are emptied (plastic, metal, cartons, one-way and refillable glass bottles).
  • Discs sort the Containers one by one so that they are recognized by the barcode readers integrated in the machine.
  • Air nozzles separate the Containers according to the selected sorting mode.
  • A receipt with the details of the Deposit-Refund Containers is issued for reimbursement purposes (electronic or cash).

This fast operation is particularly well suited to handle the Large Volumes generated by Bottle Depots. Customers at the counter will be served quickly and effortlessly, as will the batches coming from the alternate Collection routes (Bag drop, Residential & Commercial Pickups, etc.). Since each processed batch is recorded, it is possible to produce statistics and validate the transactions made at any time.

Learn more about the Different Options and Configurations available, as well as our Bottle Depot Management Software!

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