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Do you want to take advantage of all the Modular RVMs benefits, but do not have the necessary space inside your business?

We can deliver a Prefabricated Kiosk and install it in your parking lot or in any other location of your choice.

This is our Turnkey Solution; it offers all the necessary services to users and can be installed in less than 2 days!

Numerous Options and Configurations are available depending on your type of business, the capacity of Containers you want and the available space. The Modular Design of the Kiosks allows for quick implementation and the flexibility to add new Modules in the future. Each Module has 2 distinct customer space zones, one customer area where 2 users can simultaneously return their containers and dispose of their bags, boxes or any recyclable non-eligible containers and a storage zone at the back of the kiosk.

Each Kiosk is equipped with a Modular RVM X Proline Duo with the MEGA (Bulk Feed) option. Each of the two front panels accepts all types of Refundable Containers (plastic, metal, cartons, one-way and refillable glass bottles). A secure storage area for Refundable material is located behind the reception wall, isolated from customers. Various storage options for recovered materials are available, from roll-off bins to automated storage in containers, compactors or in an attached indoor warehouse.

Contact Us to discuss the different layouts and options available, visual customization possibilities, related collections of additional materials such as batteries, small electronics or any other EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) material.

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