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High-Speed Counting System using Artificial Intelligence

MACH CountAIner™

MACH CountAIner™

The MACH CountAIner™ is a revolution in the Deposit Return Scheme world. It is now possible to get reimbursed at a speed of 600 Containers/Minute for hundreds of Mixed Bulk Containers, while having an accurate count and without getting your hands dirty!

The MACH CountAIner™ is primarily designed to significantly improve the customer experience within Bottle Depots (i.e. speed & hygiene of customer implication). It is designed to identify, count, and reimburse all types of Deposit Return Containers such as aluminum cans, plastic, cartons & glass.

Benefits of the
MACH CountAIner™

  • Allows for precise counting & payment of a very Large Quantity of Bulk Containers in a record time (600 Containers/Minute)
  • Recognizes all types of Refundable Containers regardless of their nature or shape. Based on visual recognition of objects (shape, color, logo, etc.) and therefore does not rely on barcode scanning
  • Can recognize damaged or crushed containers
  • Includes an evolutionary and flexible Artificial Intelligence (AI) ensuring optimal recognition of containers over the years
  • Allows instant Payment (via a cash machine) or Electronic payment
  • The user interface displays a Real-time Video Stream of the Containers’ recognitions and counts
  • Ensures that the outgoing flow can be conveyed, densified/granulated, compacted, or simply stored according to the needs

Features of the MACH CountAIner™

  1. Performance
    • Ultra-fast recognition by Artificial Intelligence
    • Operational speed of up to 600 Bulk Containers per minute
  2. Capacity
    • The receiving hopper can contain up to 225 Containers, depending on the type of material
  3. Footprint
    • 6’ x 16’ (1.8m x 4.8m) | 96 pi² (8.6 m²)

User Interface of the MACH CountAIner™

An Intuitive Experience for a Simplified User Journey

As the primary goal of this machine is to enhance the customer’s experience in Bottle Depots, the user is our foremost priority.

As a result, our team has meticulously designed the MACH CountAIner™’s interface to ensure complete autonomy for users while reassuring them about the accuracy of recognitions, counts, and ultimately payment.

Before closing each transaction, users are also informed of the positive environmental impact resulting from their civic act of recycling.

Artificial Intelligence

The MACH CountAIner™ is Powered
by an Evolutionary Artificial Intelligence

    • Identifies the Distinctive Characteristics of Containers in the same way as the human eye (without the need to see the barcode)
    • Recognizes Materials in the Distinctive, but variable Bottle Depot Conditions.
    • Is based on a Flexible Neural Network that allows for the recognition of new packaging considering none or minimal additional training.
    • Generates and Exports essential Data for the Deposit Return Scheme operators.


Customization of the Receiving Hopper’s Appearance

Customization of the Voucher’s Appearance

Customer Code Scanner for Digital Integration

Heavy (glass) & Light (cans, plastic, cartons) Separation Module


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