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Modular Reverse Vending Machines

Modular RVM System

The modular Reverse Vending Machine offers the same technological advantages as the Stand-alone machine but allows for a considerable Increase in Storage Capacity of Refundable Containers. This design is made to maximize the machine availability and thus minimize the manual interventions by the store clerks.

The Modular Reverse Vending Machine is made of two sections:

  • The Front, which is where users insert the containers
  • The Storage Modules, are usually placed behind a wall in a warehouse. The emptying operations of the bins are therefore not visible from the users’ position

Contact us so that we can help you choose the model(s) best suited for your needs.

Our Modular RVM

RVM X Proline Duo

Designed for large stores, kiosks, and bottle depots. Dual fronts to reduce wait times. Processes plastic, cans, cartons, or a mix of these, as well as one-way and refillable glass bottles. Designed to accommodate large stores with limited warehouse space.

1 to 8 cabinets
Surface area from 7,5 m² (1 cabinet) to 28,2 m² (8 cabinets)
2 x 60 Containers/minute
Accepted containers
Storage capacity

1 Euro storage pallet per cabinet

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