Meeting Organic Landfill Diversion Goals

>Meeting Organic Landfill Diversion Goals
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Bags of food waste, collected in the garbage bin, are now taken to the facility where the bags will be separated from the other materials using the technology of our MACH Hyspec® optical sorter. The purple color is detected by our optics and ejected onto another line where the bags will be opened mechanically and their contents heated to 58°C.

The final product, liquid pulp, will be transported to a neighboring biomethanisation facility site through an underground pipeline.

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Extracting 2” minus from the waste stream is usually the organics fraction that is missing from the MSW. Capturing this fraction is a great way to help hit our aggressive diversion goals and provide a great feedstock for AD facilities.

Can I retrofit an MSW system anytime to start extracting Organics?

Retrofits are possible in almost every type of system; Retrofits are done to enhance the purity of the end material but often require detailed engineering to tie the new equipment into an existing system. Then of course, experience and expertise are critical to deliver a successful retrofit, whether it be in project management, install, start-up so current operations are affected as little as possible.

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SSO is best suited to the commercial environment. (Schools, restaurants, sports stadiums, large events) are just a few examples. They generate more tonnage and make the stops more sustainable for the hauler and the environment.

With SSO, a “depackaging” machine crushes and tears open the packaging (plastic bags or original retail packaging) and allows the organic material to be squeezed out of the packaging material. For Co-Collection, the bags must first be sorted out of the MSW stream. Then these bags can be opened to get at the organics separately from the rest of the MSW processing setup.

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Optical Sorter

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Sorting Robot

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At Machinex, we offer various treatment processes to remove contaminants from the organics to obtain a high quality final product. We cover the processes of anaerobic digestion, composting treatment and fuel preparation from organic material. Your needs will be assessed to find the best solutions according to your socio economic reality.

As a turnkey provider, we can provide some of our own products and also work with strategic partners to offer you a complete solution.

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