New Machinex Projects in USA

>New Machinex Projects in USA

New Machinex Projects in USA


During a busy spring, Machinex completed projects of different scales and stream types throughout the United States.

Wasatch mixed waste processing

Projects Overview

A 50 TPH Mixed Waste Processing facility was completed in March for Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District, located in Layton, Utah. Wasatch selected Machinex after considering the bid response and the experience from a similar installation in Minnesota. The goal was to achieve separation of a large amount of the wet organic fraction which ultimately resulted in a weight reduction of up to 50% and better calorific value for the adjacent Waste to Energy facility. The first phase of Wasatch’s long term goal includes a presort for various materials and a trommel featuring knifes helping the bag opening process and removal of the 2″ minus fraction.

In May, Machinex started up a 10 TPH retrofit of a Single-Stream and Commercial Waste sorting facility for Seadrunar in Seattle, Washington. The upgrade allows for an increase of the facility’s in-feed capacity, recovery rate, and purity of fines. All of the changes were achieved by the creative solution of adding a trommel with knives that help the bag opening process, a MACH Fines Screen, a MACH Ballistic Separator, and a Light fraction Separator.

Mid America Recycling’s 10 TPH Residential Single-Stream Waste sorting facility, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, was commissioned in May. Machinex was pleased to deliver a system featuring a MACH Ballistic Separator to function as the primary sorter of fibers and containers.

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