Sherbrooke MRF Upgrade with Optical Sorters

>Sherbrooke MRF Upgrade with Optical Sorters

Sherbrooke MRF Upgrade with Optical Sorters

Récup Estrie invest 2,6M$ to upgrade Sherbrooke MRF

Due to a big cure of modernization accomplished in Fall 2015, Récup Estrie increase its processing capacity of recyclable material, at its sorting centre of Sherbrooke, while improving the quality of sorted materials.

« The modernization brought has placed us among the sorting centres the most efficient of our category in Quebec », claims Mrs Hélène Dauphinais, president of Récup Estrie and municipal councillor at the Ville de Sherbrooke. According to her, the size of the investment of 2,6 millions of dollars demonstrates the commitment of the Administration Board to fulfil its mission.

Following this investment, the processing capacity of Récup Estrie was increased from an average of 14 tons per hour to 18 tons per hour, at most. « We are now at more than 20 tons per hour these days stated Mrs Taraneh Sépahsalari, general manager of Récup Estrie. Our new facilities will allow us to treat more efficiently the 30 000 tons of recyclable material sent annually to sorting centre. »

In addition to improving the processing capacity due to the automation of the sorting line of containers, the investment allowed to elevate the overall quality of recovered materials in certain categories (plastic #1, plastic #2, less of plastic in the rejects, etc.). The system also allows to produce a high quality of fibers. As for glass, it is removed at 95 % at the beginning of the system.

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Machinex Group was mandated to modernize Récup Estrie after a public invitation to tender. « A ballistic separator enables to separate containers from sorted fibers (combined), that allows to improve the efficiency of containers’ sorting », explains Karl Paré, Engineering Director at Machinex. Thereafter, containers are directed towards two optical sorting machines that sorts plastics by categories: PET, HDPE and mixed plastics. Finally, aluminum cans are removed by an Eddy Current separator. « Machinex has also brought in the system through the addition of discs’ separators and transfer conveyors, in addition to integrate a control philosophy that allows a diminution of operation interruptions. »