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Glass recycling system

The market conditions for glass have always been challenging due to the high haulage costs, stringent quality standards and color disparity dominating strategies and in many cases legislation. Since many years, Machinex offers an efficient glass cleanup system to help is customers cleaning the glass from their MRF stream. In a complementary approach, Machinex has partnered with Krysteline Technologies to provide a unique advanced equipment to sort and clean glass from curbside recycling.

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Krysteline Technologies

The Krysteline technology is capable of significantly enhancing the glass recovery process within a MRF with effective and efficient benefits towards the end marketplace and existing economic conditions.

The highly innovative Implosion process is not the only technology on offer though; Machinex & Krysteline can offer a full range of glass clean-up systems specifically designed for MRFs including a full range of bulk handling equipment incorporating air density clean-up and screeners to cover all sizes of glass.

Machinex is the exclusive distributor of Krysteline Technologies products in North America.

Implosion Technology

Krysteline Technologies has developed innovative implosion technology to transform glass into small fragments. With the implosion system, a calibrated-speed rotor sends a shock wave to glass bottles or pieces.

This wave, which travels back and forth, causes instantaneous implosion of the glass without shredding the labels or capsules, which are therefore easier to sort and extract.

This method is less costly to maintain and uses less energy than conventional grinding processes. As an added benefit, the edges of the treated glass are rounded, not sharp.

Highlights & Benefits
  • Obtaining a glass with a better market value
  • Separates contaminants easily because their size is not reduced
  • Adaptation to the standards required for different markets
  • Low energy consumption


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