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Mixed waste processing system

Mixed waste processing equipment

Mixed waste processing is not a new concept for Machinex. Since installing its first Municipal Solid Waste processing system in California in 2007, the company continues to be a worldwide leader in this emerging field.
Machinex has the experience that makes material recovery successful for even the most advanced end markets. We have proven our ability to adapt our customizable equipment for any waste stream to help customers produce high-quality recyclable commodities. Front-end processing equipment perform pre-sorting of all materials as soon as they come in from curbside pickup.

Our adaptable solutions for processing mixed solid waste have the prime objective to maximize recovery of recyclable material.

The following equipment are used in mixed waste processing: shredder and bag opener, pre-sorting station, screening (by trommel or screen), 2D/3D separation by ballistic separator, air separation, metals sorting equipment, and optical sorting.

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Highlights & Benefits
  • Customizable solutions
  • Increased diversion rates
  • Ensure maximum recovery of recyclables
  • Possibility to remove organics


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