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Organic waste treatment process

Organic waste treatment facility

At Machinex, we offer various treatment processes to remove contaminants from the organics to obtain a high quality final product. We cover the processes of anaerobic digestion, composting treatment and fuel preparation from organic material.
Your needs will be assessed to find the best solutions according to your socio economic reality.

As a turnkey provider, we can provide some of our own products and also work with strategic partners to offer you a complete solution.

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Highlights & Benefits
  • Turnkey solutions using strategic partners
  • Dry and wet anaerobic digestion can be offer
  • Drying the organics to produce a better quality RDF
  • Extracting the valuable while removing the contaminants


The anaerobic digestion (AD) treatment method for organic waste streams can be supply in two different ways.
The Dry AD process is where organics is digested in tunnels.
The Wet AD system can combines three process steps: the Pulper System which is a water bath that separates heavy and light material; the digester tank where the biogas can be captured; and the Press System to extract the bio fertilizer.


Machinex is one of the pioneers using this unique and innovative method of drying the organic material that helps to separate the contaminants and then produce quality RDF.


The refining process provided by Machinex ensures to extract the valuable while removing the contaminants. Thereby enabling our customers to produce high quality compost for resale, whether the material comes from source separate organic (SSO), from a composting facility or the digestate from dry AD.
Rotating trommels, compost fine screen, magnet, air separator, hard particle separator, bag openers and conveyors, are among the equipment used in our organics refining back-end systems.