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Waste to fuel technology

Waste to fuel facility

As a leader in turnkey solutions, Machinex provides custom processing systems for Energy from Waste technologies in fuel generation, such as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), for advanced thermal, ciment kilns, incinerator and bio-fuel purposes. We also cover field of activities involving organic material with processes such anaerobic digestion and composting treatment.

Our team of experts design each sorting system specifically to the customer’s needs, depending on the incoming material and the output requirements including fuel specifications. We make sure that the system efficiently separates out targeted commodities and generate a consistent fuel or organic stream to continue through the Waste-to-Energy conversion technologies.

Mechanical Pre-Treatment for any waste conversion process can be achieved with the right equipment partner on the front end. Whether you are after an RDF an SRF, organics for Anaerobic Digestion or a combination, Machinex can get you there.

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Highlights & Benefits
  • RDF and SRF preparation
  • Drying technologies used to meet SRF standards
  • System design according to fuel specifications
  • Separation of the organic stream
  • Recovering the most valuables commodities


The systems from Machinex can segregate a variety of materials from municipal solid waste (MSW) as well as commercial and industrial waste (C&I) or other high calorific waste stream to obtain a final product that meets the standards to produce alternative fuels such as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). In the design of these systems, we ensure to remove RDF and SRF contaminants while recovering the most valuables commodities. Since SRF standards are stricter than RDF, in some cases, the SRF requires to be dried. Therefore Machinex partnered with the best drying solutions vendors to deliver a trouble-free turnkey systems.

We provide all the front-end processing equipment such as shredder, leveling devices, rotating trommels, screen separator, heavy-light separator, ferrous and non-ferrous magnet, optical sorters, ballistic separator, drying system, conveyors, balers for recycling commodities and RDF.


Public Power Solutions, Swindon
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Swindon RDF & SRF Preparation Facility
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Shanks, Wakefield
Two systems RDF & MRF

Levenseat Waste Treatment Facility with

RDF/SRF Production