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Tailor-made Projects

Case Studies

Single-Stream Recycling

Single Stream

Coventry, UK

Completed in 2023

Material Recovery Facility – 50 TPH

The facility was designed to process 50 tons per hour (TPH) of various materials, including news and pams, mixed paper, cardboard, metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), plastics, glass, organic waste, residue, and more. The client sought a solution that would optimize material recovery and provide output materials suitable for UK markets.

The aim was to deliver a state-of-the-art facility that would remain efficient despite the change in recycling legislation and population behavior for the next 20 years, integrating advanced technologies and reducing reliance on manual labor.

Sorted material

Mixed Paper
News & Pams
Mixed Plastics
Plastic film

Equipment list

  • SamurAI® Sorting Robot
  • MACH Hyspec® Optical Sorters
  • MACH Ballistics
  • MACH OCC Screen
  • MACH Trommels
  • Advanced Glass Cleaning System
  • Centralized automatic film vacuum system
  • Machinex II Ram Baler & Machinex Single
  • Ram Bale
  • Semi-Automatic Robotic Sampling Line

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Organic materials

Organics from Co-Collection

Québec, QC

Completed in 2022

Organic Material Recovery Center (OMRC) – 80 TPH

This system is a first in North America. For us, it presents a golden opportunity to showcase our local expertise and introduce an innovative approach to organic material treatment. In recent years, we have successfully tested our methods in waste treatment across Europe. “Bringing this new approach to Quebec is an exciting and stimulating challenge for us,” explains Jonathan Ménard, Vice President of Sales and Strategic Positioning at Machinex.

250,000 Tons per year of Municipal Residual Material 86,600 Tons of Source Separated Organics Material

Sorted material

Organic material bagged by citizens and collected from the waste bins (co-collection)

Equipment list

  • Grapple
  • (4) MACH Motion Floor®
  • (3) MACH Hyspec
  • (2) Back Scrapping Drums
  • (2) Oscillating Screen (Waste Screen)
  • (2) Vibrating Feeder
  • Buffer Tank
  • Longitudinal Grit Trap
  • Depackager

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Mixed Waste Processing / Waste to Fuel

Levenseat Renewable Energy LTD

Lanark, Scotland

Completed in 2017

RDF & SRF Preparation Plant from MSW and C&I – 42 TPH

To increase and assure the quality of RDF recovered from the stream of fines, which includes wet organic waste, a belt dryer technology is used. This continuous dryer is self-sustainable and uses a small fraction of the heat generated by the waste-to-energy plant located adjacent to the MRF.

  • Levenseat Renewable Energy LTD
  • Levenseat Renewable Energy LTD

This system will produce 100,000 TPA of RDF feedstock for the Levenseat Energy From Waste Plant. It also produces SRF from super light & high calorific non-recyclable waste commodities.

Sorted material

Mixed Paper
Ferrous & Non Ferrous
Mixed Plastics

Equipment list

  • Trommel
  • (2) MACH Ballistic Separators
  • (4) Ferrous Magnets
  • RDF Monitoring Unit
  • (3) Fiber MACH Hyspec® Optical Sorters
  • (2) Machinex Single-Ram Balers
    (one for RDF, one for recyclables)

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Construction & demolition

USA Recycle

Wilbraham, MA, United States

Completed in 2021

Construction & Demolition System – 50 TPH

“Machinex distinguished itself for its responsiveness and quick results with an impressive layout, thanks to its installation and start-up teams, who finished earlier than anticipated. We really appreciate Machinex’s work and flexibility to deliver the system ahead of time. The team at Machinex was a pleasure to work with from design through installation and start-up” says Jonathan Murray, Director of Post Collection Operations at USA.

50 TPH System for Construction & Demolition material from commercial customers throughout Western Massachusetts. The process requires 8 to 10 manual sorters.

Sorted material


Equipment list

  • Infeed Conveyor
  • Primary Taper Slot Vibratory finger screen
  • Mach Trommel
  • Electro-Magnet
  • Heavy QC Conveyor
  • Air Max Separator

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