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About Us

Corporate Culture

Our Mission:

To Design Solutions for a Sustainable Tomorrow

In every aspect, Machinex is guided by the company mission statement. Our company culture is driven by four central values of:

  • Respect
  • Communication
  • Passion
  • Individual Development

We take pride that our daily activities contribute to increasing waste and recycling efforts all around the world.

Furthermore, designing recycling solutions impacts local communities, providing an outlook on sustainability, clean technologies and educational programs that have immediate effects on day-to-day life.

Design Solutions for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Our company vision

Over the years, Machinex has developed equipment to improve the performance of customer operations with the automation of sorting processes. The company has always adapted to market changes, offering state-of-the-art range of equipment from baler to sorting robots. Today, the company continues to pursue its primary goal of delivering high-performance turnkey material recovery facilities.

Innovation and R&D

Machinex has technologists throughout the company, with engineers in nearly every department. With a history in the recycling industry that dates back to 1970, Machinex has a track record of innovation through mechanical systems that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of recycling plants.

Today, it’s all about technology. As a result, Machinex opened its Techno Hub — a facility that sits at the heart of the Machinex campus in Plessisville, Quebec. The facility houses not only the research and development engineers, but also a testing laboratory. The automation and controls team, as well as design engineers, also are based there, and the facility boasts a demonstration area for customers.

The combination of an experienced team and the deployment of advanced technology at Machinex delivers plant solutions for today’s recycling challenges and places Machinex at the forefront of the clean tech revolution.

More Than 500 Team
Members Worldwide

Machinex Communities Around the World – The Spirit of our Team

Machinex Proudly Employs More than 500 Team Members Worldwide.

As a leader in designing and manufacturing sorting systems, the strength of our company is ultimately driven by a reliable and passionate team.

From Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, Machinex team members come together to deliver some of the world’s highest-performing and most reliable sorting facilities.

To Get to Know Them

Machinex’s History – More than 50 years of Experience


Founded in 1970 in Plessisville, Machinex initially offered machining services, parts and equipment manufacturing for industrial and agricultural clienteles.


It is in 1985 that Machinex entered the recycling industry by delivering a sorting facility in Victoriaville. An important turning point for Machinex came in 1989 when the company decided to devote its activities entirely to the recycling industry. Machinex was awarded the construction of the first material recovery facility for curbside recycling in Canada for the company Laidlaw in Ontario.


Machinex was experiencing a significant growth in Canada and in order to better serve its customers in Ontario, the company opened a sales and service office in Toronto in 1995. This division was registered Machinex Recycling Services Inc. and it also has an office in the Vancouver region. In the early 1990s, Machinex won its first contracts in the United States which led to create in 1996 the Machinex Technologies Inc. division by opening an office in Chicago. The sales office in the United States is now relocated to High Point, North Carolina.


The European division of Machinex, currently called MRS Europe Ltd., was created in 2009 after being awarded a first major contract in England.


Machinex opened a service office near Manchester in 2012 to better serve its European clientele.


More than 50 years of experience
Machinex celebrated its 50th anniversary of equipment manufacturing expertise in 2020.

The most recent office opened in 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona as part of Machinex’s growth on the west coast, in support of the Machinex Technologies division.