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Automation and Control

Our Automation and Control department, from the beginning up to the commissioning, takes part in the design of the system. This greatly helps take into account important aspects such as safety, installation, start-up, operation, and maintenance.

1 – Control tools

Control panels (HMI)

We manufacture, program and install control panels for our sorting systems. Over the years, this decision has proven beneficial since the scale of the projects requires an increasing integration of high-tech equipment to ensure optimal interconnectivity.

Our programmers are trained to integrate and program the power and control components of various world-renowned manufacturers. Our versatility allows us to easily integrate equipment of all brands in your system. We can also integrate Machinex equipment into existing systems provided by other manufacturers.

Panneaux de contrôle (HMI)

SCADA System

The complete solution for an optimal management

The Control and Supervisory Systems are designed by Machinex to exceed expectations on getting the necessary information and to reach maximum sorting efficiency. Our systems provide flexible control for the maintenance and operating crew, as well as powerful management tools for the plant supervisor. All of our solutions are custom tailored for recycling facilities and fully integrated into Machinex Sorting Systems.

Système SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

2 – Business Intelligence Platforms

MACH Intell™ platform

A business intelligence platform who provides data captured in real-time to better understand the material stream. This tool offers necessary indicators that allow MRF operators to optimize performance.

  • Flow composition
  • Volume per material type
  • Material trends per given period
  • Total material seen

The MACH INTELL™ platform is available for the following equipment : MACH Hyspec® optical sorter, SamurAI® sorting robot and MACH Vision.