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Waste & Recycling Balers

High-Capacity Baler Series

Machinex designs and manufactures Single-ram and II-ram Balers to specifically help streamline operations. We work with the customers to ensure that all other elements are in place to optimize operations and profits.

Machinex Balers offes profitable design features that are optional depending on the model, such as the exclusive pre-fill valve. This device sets Machinex apart by offering a faster dry cycle time that exceeds up to 2.7 times the speed obtained by the competition and results in a significant reduction in energy consumption.

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Highlights &

Gamme de presses Machinex - Avantages
  1. Lower Maintenance Costs
  2. Easy & Accessible Maintenance
  3. Reduced Bale Handling Costs
  4. Optimal Baling Density
  5. Energy Saving

Single-Ram Balers

Series MLP | 125 | 155 | 155TP | 195TP | 235TP

The most innovative high-capacity Single-ram extrusion Balers are combined with patented pre-flap & shear technology: reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. Machinex has designed and built advanced Balers that process up to 85 tons of material per hour and deliver optimal bale density.

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II-Ram Balers

Series MTR | 195 | 235

Designed to meet the multi-purpose needs of recyclers, this fast II-ram Baler series maximizes density while reducing operating costs. Its design features include bolt-on liners for easy maintenance, single-plate frame construction allowing maximum strength, and other options exclusive to Machinex providing the most interesting benefits in the industry.

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RDF Balers

Machinex has developed a Single-ram and an II-ram Baler, specifically designed for the waste-to-energy industry, to handle RDF baling. These machines include plastic strapping and bale wrapping as part of the RDF solution. The plastic strapping costs less than regular metal strapping and burns easily in a waste-to-fuel process. The RDF Balers also includes all of the great features from the Machinex Baler series.

Presses RDF


  • Machinex High Capacity Horizontal Balers