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SamurAI® – Sorting Robot

The SamurAI® – Sorting Robot employs superior Artificial Intelligence technology to identify materials for an accurate, positive product recovery or a precise quality control function. Featuring a unique 4 articulation robot, the SamurAI® is a perfect solution to reduce the dependence on manual sorting within your recovery facility.

The sorting applications of SamurAI® are numerous, however, it is designed to positively extract recyclable commodities from a specific stream of material (ex: plastics from a reject line). As well as negatively sort a dedicated stream from all its contamination (ex: PET quality control after an Optical Unit).

Robot trieur SamurAI

vs Human Sorter

Robot trieur SamurAI - Avantages
  1. Reduced Labor, Managing Costs & HR Challenges
  2. Up to 70 Picks/minute, nearly double the average pick rate (30-40 Picks/minute) of a human sorter
  3. Up to 95% Efficiency of targeted product recognition
  4. Increased Sorting Availability, Productivity & Performance

Artificial Intelligence

SamurAI® is Powered by
an Artificial Intelligence Which:

  1. Identifies distinguishing features in the same way as the human eye
  2. Recognizes material in dirty, commingled, and constantly changing conditions, including the introduction of new packaging and designs
  3. Generates essential data from the material stream composition and evolution perceived
  4. Operates according to a pre-determined order of task hierarchy to maximize financial return


An essential tool to visually present the performance of the Sorting Robot for analysis and detailed report generation

MACH Cloud

The Annual Subscription Provides:

  • Automatic AI software updates inclusive of the latest learning done by all SamurAI® – Sorting Robots working around the world
  • An assisted learning mode to teach SamurAI® any specific products present within a material stream, but not recognized by the current AI version
  • Assurance of a maximized recognition performance over the period of the MACH Cloud subscription


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