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Our Expertise

Turnkey Sorting Systems

Our experience allows us to provide expert advice on recycling solutions that improve performance and profitability. We offer the most efficient systems in the industry with ingenious designs and fully automated recycling equipment.

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1 – MRF Design

Superior Designs Ensure Reliable Operation

Machinex engineers and technicians are proficient with cutting-edge 3D drafting stations to provide comprehensive and accurate plans and drawings.

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Design Principles

  • High-quality Output
  • Efficiency in Design
  • Extended H&S
  • Adaptability
  • Built to Last
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New 3D Software for Virtual Visualization

Versatile, creative, and experienced, our experts have completed more than 550 custom-designed installations.

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2 – Retrofit / System Upgrade

Experts in the Modernization of Sorting Plants

As tonnage increases, materials change, and sorting equipment improves. New technologies are the solution to increase the productivity of a MRF. We provide a wide range of equipment that can be integrated into existing systems for upgrades in order to improve recycling efficiency.

Recognized as experts in the modernization of sorting plants, we have mastered the art of integrating new equipment into an existing system. No matter the configuration, our engineers will find creative solutions to meet customers’ needs while keeping their budget in mind and minimize downtime.

Custom-engineered Solutions Give the Right Results

No matter the configuration of the recycling installation and type of operation, our equipment is designed to meet customer requirements in terms of space, performance targets, and budget. At Machinex, our engineers design for the customer, with the customer!

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3 – A Leader in Project Management

Efficient Project Management Process

Due to the complexity and scale of our projects, our project management process remains instrumental for successful project completion, based on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) best practices. Machinex Project Management Procedure includes 11 Gates to monitor every project from the earliest form of quoting until start-up and commissioning.

A Gate is an internal check-point meeting implemented to raise risks that may emerge at a specific time in the project, as a proactive approach to deliver the best solution on time.

Un processus de gestion de projet efficace