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Parts and service

A dedicated team to assist and serve

In order to ensure rigorous tracking, Machinex assigns an agent to each of its customers to manage all parts and service requests. You then have a point of contact to ensure strict follow up from the beginning to the end.

Services - Systèmes de tri - Pièces et service

Service & Support

North America

1 819 362-3281

Europe & International

1 877 362-3281


Machinex holds an inventory of standard parts for quick repair at several service points throughout North America and the United Kingdom to ensure timely delivery. In addition, a project manager is dedicated solely to the production of parts in an emergency to provide unparalleled speed for our customers.

Machinex once again demonstrates its flexibility by adapting to each client’s specific needs.

An engineering team is also assigned to provide customer service and assistance should problems or questions arise. Whether to draw parts or to improve a design to your specific needs, the team’s role is to determine that you can continue your operations within optimum lead times.

Services - Systèmes de tri - Pièces et service (pièces)

Available parts within 24 hours

Machinex can use an emergency transport in North America and the United Kingdom if requested.

Specialized Technicians

Our service technician team is dedicated and trained specifically to carry out repairs and maintenance for customers.

We have trained experts for each type of specialized equipment, such as balers and optical sorters.

Services - Systèmes de tri - Pièces et service (techniciens)

Available 24/7 to service all of your needs

We are available anytime you need our support!