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Bottom Ash Treatment

Incinerator Bottom Ash is the ash that is left over after waste is burnt in an incinerator.

Since a wide range of Municipal Waste is burned in energy-from-waste plants, the leftovers contain glass, brick, rubble, sand, grit, metal, stone, concrete, ceramics, and combusted products such as ash and slag. 

In order to avoid landfill disposal and recover most of the valuable material, Machinex uses a sorting process that may include Vibratory Screens, Rotating Trommels, Magnets, and Eddy Current Separators, to remove large objects, stones, bricks, and metals (iron and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper and brass). Those leftovers can therefore be recycled in a number of construction applications to replace primary aggregates extracted from quarries.

Highlights &

Traitement des cendres résiduelles - Avantages
  1. Avoid Landfill Disposal of the Leftover Ash
  2. Recover Stones, Bricks and Metals for Resale