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Plastic Recycling Process

In a market where resale prices are subject to major fluctuations, such as plastic recycling, it is important to have a reliable system that produces excellent purity materials.

Machinex understands that a cleaner end product means greater profitability. Therefore, we design our plastic sorting machines with the best sorting technologies available on the market to achieve this goal.

No matter the origin (post industrial / residential & commercial collection) and grade of your plastics, we provide sorting and cleaning solutions, such as plastic optical sorting by grade and color, magnets to remove ferrous and non-ferrous particles, and fine screens. We can also integrate shredders, granulators, cleaners and bale breakers according to your needs.

The Machinex Optical Sorters, the MACH Hyspec® series, provide outstanding accuracy and capacity and can sort plastics by grade (PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, etc.) and color.

Highlights &

Systèmes de tri - Recyclage des plastiques - Avantages
  1. Turnkey solutions
  2. Unmatched material purity with optical sorting
  3. Lower staff requirement