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Custom Design

Scrap Metal Recycling Equipment

As a Sorting Technologies Expert, Machinex Offers Metal Recycling Equipment Custom-Built and Turnkey Solutions for Your Scrap Metal Sorting Needs, Whatever the Size of Your Project.

From Design, Manufacturing, Delivery, Installation, and Start-up, Our Team of Specialists Are There to Ensure The Right Results.

Our Heavy-duty System can handle Scrap Metal from automobiles, steel structures, household appliances, railroad tracks, ships, farm equipment and other sources. We use a variety of processes to sort and prepare ferrous scrap to commodity-grade specifications.

We can provide our own manufactured products, as well as partner with the most renowned equipment vendors to provide you with the best technologies: Shredders, Magnets for ferrous and Eddy current for non-ferrous metals, Optical sorters, Conveyors, Balers, etc.

Highlights &

Systèmes de tri - Recyclage des métaux - Avantages
  1. Turnkey Solutions in Scrap Metal Recycling Machine
  2. Highly Mechanized System Reduces Injuries
  3. Reliable System & Service
  4. Best Available Equipment on the Market