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Our Solutions

1 – Integrated Solutions

Technologies and Solutions for Collecting Refundable Containers

In practical terms, our Mission to Provide Technologies and Solutions Adapted for Collecting Refundable Products is as follows:

  1. To offer the Technology required for all modes of Deposit-Return Container Collection, including:
    • Stand-alone or Modular Reverse Vending Machines
    • Kiosks
    • Technology to operate a Bottle Depot
    • Bag Drops
    • Residential & Commercial Pickups.
  2. Provide Support and Maintenance Services for Collection Equipment.
  3. Design, Manufacture and Install Conditioning Facilities.
  4. Offer Computerized Solutions for the Deferred Payment of the Deposit, the operation of the Bottle Depots, and the Return statistics of Refundable containers on all our technologies.
  5. In collaboration with our sister company, Machinex, Design, Manufacture and Install Equipment to Extract or statistically evaluate the presence in Real-time of Deposit-Refund Containers in the Curbside recycling program.

2 – Return to Retail

Solutions for Businesses, Industries and Institutions

We offer Several Solutions that allow Businesses, Industries and Institutions to Collect Refundable Containers while limiting the impact of this process on their main operations.

Do you want to equip, add or replace Reverse Vending Machines in order to meet the regulations of the Modernized Deposit program? Check out our solutions, which include state-of-the-art Stand-alone or Modular RVMs that can be installed in-store or in a separate location. Learn more about Bulk Feeding Technology, a first in North America!

3 – Bottle Depot

Everything to Set up your Bottle Depot

Do you want to set up a Bottle Depot? We can assist you in the process, from providing Technology to managing the Refunds and sorting the Containers.

Our Services generally include the following steps:

  1. Personalized advice on the process you will choose, the setting and required services
  2. Selection and supply of the required technologies and equipment
  3. Project management for turnkey delivery of the system

Ask about our “Turnkey Operations” Services, where several scenarios can be studied with you:

Choice of methods to increase the volume of Containers to your Bottle Depot.

Supply of Management Software to facilitate operations.

4 – Collection Service

A Mobile and Web Application to Simplify the Return of Deposit-Refund Containers

Machinex Deposit has also developed a Mobile and a Web Application to simplify the Return of Deposit-Refund Containers for all citizens, businesses, industries, restaurants and bars.

This Electronic Platform stands out for its ease of use and versatility. Basically, this application allows the registered user to use the following collection services:

  1. Schedule a Pickup of your Refundable Containers, used clothing, or small electronics directly at your home or any other place considered out of home
  2. Register your Drop-off Bag at the Bag Drop location nearest you
  3. Register your Drop-off Bag at your nearest Bottle Depot (so you do not have to wait in line)

The tracking of the process, from pickup to counting and electronic refund of the deposit, is completed through the same app (to your account or charity of your choice).

For the public, this solution eliminates wait times at the reverse vending machines or visiting the bottle depots.

For merchants owning reverse machines, it is an opportunity to minimize their use and consequently the volume managed and stored in shop.

Finally, for the operators of the bottle depots, it is an effortless way to increase the volume of containers recovered in their facilities.

Discover the platform developed as part of phase 2 of the AQRCB pilot projects

5 – Conditioning Facility

The Beginning of the Containers’ Second Life

Once the Containers are Returned and the Deposit is Refunded to the consumers, they must be sent to the various recycling channels. Our Containers can have a second life! A crucial step in the process is to ensure that the Containers are packaged and separated by type (plastic, aluminum, carton, and glass) and potentially by color.

Depending on the collection mode, it is highly likely that all or a large portion of the Light Material (plastics, aluminum, and cartons) has been mixed and compacted by the Reverse Vending Machines to facilitate its transportation. These Light Streams must therefore migrate to a common location where the various products will be sorted.

Conditioning Facilities, Equipped with state-of-the-art systems developed by the Machinex Sorting Division, allow for efficient sorting and densification of Containers compacted by the Reverse Vending Machines, while ensuring maximum recycling.

It is anticipated that these Conditioning Facilities will be located next to a Bottle Depot (for smaller volumes) or in a central location that can service a very large volume of previously compacted Containers.

Contact us to talk about your Conditioning Ambitions

6 – Connection with Curbside Recycling Program

Ensure the Traceability of Deposit-Return Containers

With more than 35 years of experience in sorting recyclable materials, the Machinex group has the latest technological innovations that allow for efficient sorting and real-time monitoring of the amount of lost Refundable Containers recovered in the Curbside Collection.

The use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is particularly well suited to this task. The virtual eyes and brain of our Mach Vision, which are cameras and image recognition algorithms, allow us to identify in real-time the deposit-return containers in different curbside collection flows.

This information, combined with the data collected by Machinex Deposit all-Connected Technologies, provides a 360° real-time view of the Modernized Deposit Program Performance.

Learn more about our Mach Vision™

7 – Digital Solutions

A Range of Digital Solutions

To increase the transparency and efficiency of the system, Machinex Deposit offers a range of Digital Solutions including:

“MyRVM” platform

For each Reverse Vending Machine installed, it is possible to monitor the filling level in real-time and thus optimize the use of the resources dedicated to their management.

This Application allows, amongst other things, to see the status of the machines, to receive notifications (in case of full bins, adding up printer paper, error messages, etc.) and to Analyze certain Statistics (mainly the recovered quantity of Refundable Containers in a defined period).

Integrated Management Platform

The Integrated Management Platform is an Application and an Operating Software.

Mobile and Web Application

The Application allows the public and merchants to register and organize Collections at home or in an out-of-home location (restaurants, schools, hotels, etc.) and to ensure the traceability of their Bags when they are dropped off at a bag drop unit or directly at the Bottle Depot (drop and go). Electronic Payment is also processed through this application.

Operation Software

Since the financial success of the Bottle Depots will depend on their operational efficiency, Machinex Deposit has adapted the Electronic Platform to Manage Data from the daily operation of these Bottle Depots. The Software will perform the following tasks:

  • Ensure the Traceability of the incoming material linked with its owner
  • Keep a Record of the contents of each Bag
  • Evaluate and Record the Deposit Value to be Refunded to each customer
  • Proceed with the Electronic Payment to the customer
  • Monitor the Management of outgoing materials to the Conditioners or recyclers
  • Account for all Transactions and transmit information to the System Operator

Report Generation

Whether you want to have an Overview of the Performance of your RVMs, your Kiosks, your complementary Collection Service (Residential & Commercial), or your Bag Drop, Machinex Deposit offers a Service to Generate Detailed Reports. These adjustable reports can be sent to you, at your convenience, and can contain many statistics, such as:

  1. Number of Visitors
  2. Rejection Ratio
  3. All Characteristics related to the Received Containers with date and time of receipt:
    • Barcode
    • Number of Containers Accepted with a barcode
    • Number of Rejected Containers with a barcode
    • Reason for Reject
    • Type of Material
    • Dimensions (Height and Diameter)
    • Volume
    • Weight

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