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Stand-alone reverse vending machines



RVMX30 is part of a new generation of stand-alone reverse vending machines. It is designed to recover all types of light and heavy containers such as cans, plastic, cartons, and one-way or refillable glass bottles. Light materials can be separated in 2 fractions or generate a light stream of these 3 products mixed together. The glass has an option to be crushed. This compact machine is ideal for medium-sized stores that have the obligation to recover glass and that require added capacity for light containers.

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RVMX30 Assets

  • Small footprint with large storage capacity
  • Carbon footprint reduced when compacted material gives efficient transport and glass can be granulated before transportation
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Electrical socket 120V or 230V 1-phase (with compactor) or 230V 3-phase (with glass crusher)
  • 10.1 inch touch screen
  • QR code reader

RVMX30 Features

  1. Performance
    • Fast, reliable and efficient with 360-degree barcode reading, metal detection, shape and weight recognition
    • Operating speed up to 50 containers per minute
  2. Capacity
    • 1 European pallet size bin separable in two fractions for light weight, if needed
    • A ½ European pallet size bin for one-way glass (OWG) or a “Soft drop” box for refillable glass bottles
  3. Footprint
    • 2.0m² surface area


OWG glass crusher or “Soft drop” box for refillable glass bottles

21.5 inch touch screen

LTE cellular modem if network connection is unavailable

Cabinet and interface customization

Different options to configure collection bins

Option to take the bins out from the back of the machine or to be built into the wall

Connection to the myRVM mobile application to manage data.

Technical specifications

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