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June 8th, 2020

Despite the tumultuous times affecting the daily activities of companies and individuals, at Machinex, we maintained our targeted installation and start-up schedule in the midst of a hardship moment in the company’s 50 years of history, and still completed projects on time.  We would like to especially thank our teams of technicians who traveled to customers’ facilities across North America to allow their operations to start on time. It is with great pride that we present an overview of Machinex’s most recent projects.

Machinex team on a MRF startup

Republic Services, Greensboro – NC

After renewing their contract with the City of Greensboro, NC, Republic Services chose Machinex to provide a major upgrade to their 20 years old material recovery facility. The new MRF was commissioned at the beginning of April and is now performing very well, meeting the customer’s expectations.

The single-stream system was designed to process 30 tons per hour within the current building. This includes reusing some of the existing structural work and baler feed conveyors. The main processing system is brand new and includes Machinex’s own proven, MACH Ballistic separators as the primary and secondary screening devices after the MACH OCC screen and fines screen.

Providing constant and reliable operation, the MACH Ballistic separators also minimize aluminum loss by eliminating rubber disc wear on typical star screens where spacing can increase over time. Also, its elliptical movement is non-wrapping for film and other stringy material resulting in dramatically reducing maintenance and downtime.

MACH Ballistic at Greensboro

Horry County, Conway – NC

Located in Conway, NC, the Horry County MRF has undergone a major transformation with an equipment upgrade. Commissioned late March, this modernized residential single-stream system was designed to increase processing capacity (20 TPH) while reducing reliance on manual sorter. The Horry County recycling authorities was also looking to reduce overall maintenance cost switching from rubber disc screens to ballistic separators.

The system includes newly designed MACH OCC Screen with scalping feature along with MACH ballistic separators as the fiber and containers separation to reduce the overall maintenance required. Another important improvement is the addition of two optical sorters; the first unit is cleaning the fiber stream and the second one recovering PET & HDPE containers.

MACH OCC at Horry County

Express MRF reconditioning – Quebec

Despite the full schedule and the turmoil of the pandemic, Machinex took up the challenge to work on an express MRF reconditioning project to allow a customer sorting system in the Province of Quebec, to be operational since considered an essential service. The repairs and installation were awarded in February, realized in March and the system was operational on April 1st at the request of the customer. Machinex’s thoroughness and speed of execution as an experienced team made this project yet another success. An upgrade is planned as two optical units will soon be installed there by our team.


Recycle Minnesota

The recycling and waste management company located in Minneapolis, Recycle Minnesota, which owned a Machinex MRF since 2014, has entrusted us with the addition of a sorting line dedicated specifically to commercial material. The original system, which offers a capacity of 30 tonnes per hour, will benefit from this addition since it will be lightened from the commercial material and will thus be able to process more residential single-stream. The equipment was installed in early May, the project was delivered in early June, and the customer was again very satisfied with the Machinex team and its products.

The new line consists of an infeed conveyor, a pre-sorting, a MACH OCC double deck and a fines screen under to remove the 2’’ minus fractions at the beginning. This configuration will allow an interesting option for the operator since he will have the flexibility to also deal with single-stream in the commercial system. An other great feature of this upgrade is the addition of a second II-Ram baler that create a redundancy; the operator can decide to use either baler as needed. On the residential line, the original basic glass cleanup equipment was upgraded to a complete system to improve the recycled glass quality.

MACH OCC and Fines Screen at Recycle Minnesota

Finally, this concludes an overview of the various projects accomplished by our teams in the past months, to name a few. Regardless of the circumstances, Machinex continues to serve its customers.

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