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MRF Conveyors

At Machinex, we are proud to be recognized by our peers as having one of the most reliable and best-designed Conveyor lines in the industry. All of our conveyors are built for quick installation, fast commissioning, and minimal maintenance.

Our experience and expertise provide instant results for the end user. We understand each customer’s needs and design our Conveyors with the features that are most important to them. Machinex Conveyors provide adaptable material handling solutions for every project. The result is a host of safety and maintenance features to ensure maximum performance.


Highlights &

Gamme de convoyeurs - Avantages
  1. Modular Construction is Available in Several Configurations
  2. Custom-engineered Side Panels/skirting
  3. Take-up System
  4. Minimal maintenance
  5. OSHA compliant