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Full Line of MACH Series

Screening Separators

The full line of MACH Series Screening Separators is suitable for all of your material recovery needs. They offer an excellent separation rate that slashes labor costs.

Machinex has mastered the art of combining different separators at the same sorting facility to recover the maximum amount of material and achieve unprecedented efficiency levels.

MACH Ballistic

Séparateur ballistique

MACH Ballistic Separators are designed for sorting 2D materials (plastic film, paper, cardboard and fibers) and 3D materials (containers, plastic bottles, cans, stone, wood, etc.). They can also sort fine particles that can be collected separately with the optional variable screen openings. In addition to being sturdy and reliable, the MACH Ballistic includes many of the benefits of our current MACH Separators with added features improving performance. This separator can handle different material types including Single-stream, Municipal Solid Waste, Commercial and Industrial Waste. Multiple separators can be configured vertically or horizontally to address customer sorting challenges.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Easy and Safe Maintenance
  • No Wrap Design Reduces Operating, Cleaning & Maintenance Costs
  • Versatility: Enables Processing of Different Material Streams Within a Single System
  • Angle Adjustment (optional)
  • Constant Performance with All Steel Screening Surface
  • Single Motor and Direct Drive System Reduces Maintenance and Energy Costs


Crible à cartons

Cardboard sorting solutions can be configured to meet or exceed the performance requirements of a recycling facility. The MACH OCC Screens are renowned for being reliable and unsurpassed in the industry with a throughput of up to 50 tons per hour. They can be used as a stand-alone component or integrated into an existing system.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Large Diameter Shafts for Minimized Wrapping of Materials
  • Optional Adjustable Screen Angles for Processing Flexibility
  • Steel Discs Used to Break Up Glass
  • Very Little to no Wear on Discs
  • Minimum Maintenance and Operating Costs

News Screens

Crible à journaux

MACH One News Disc Screens are the key separators of a Single-stream system. They separate fibers and containers while removing a maximum amount of newsprint from the material stream. They can also be used on other types of systems, such as municipal solid waste, fiber sorting facilities, and other streams that contain fibers. These separators are available with single, double, or even triple screening decks depending on the application.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Separates Fibers From Containers
  • Increases Newsprint Sorting Flow
  • Greatly Improves the Quality of the Newsprint Sorted
  • The Combination of Consecutive Screens Allows for Customized Sorting Solutions
  • Optional Fall Protection Gate to Eliminate Tie-off Requirements for Maintenance

Scalping & Fines
Screens Separators

Crible à particules fines

These impressively versatile Separators have many applications and are available in different models, such as: Regular Fine Screens, Scalping Screens, and Glass Breaker Screens.

They can be installed in front of, over, or under another piece of equipment to remove the glass and fine particles.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Removes Glass and Fine Particles Early in the System to Minimize Belt Wear
  • Prevents the Material From Becoming Contaminated and Protects Rubber Discs from Glass Abrasion
  • Extremely Strong and Durable Equipment

Finishing Screens

Crible de finition

Located at the junction of the paper line and the container line in a single-stream collection system, the MACH One Finishing screen separates the material into three streams: remaining fine particles, containers and mixed paper.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Increases the Sorting Quality of Fiber, Containers and Fine Particles
  • Increases Paper Recovery
  • Excellent Preparation of Containers for Downstream Sorting

Whether working with other solutions or used as a standalone product, our fully automated MACH Separator Solutions offer remarkable performance and efficiency.


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