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Glass Processing

The Glass Cleaning System, Offered by Machinex, is Designed to Separate Lightweight Materials From Broken Glass and Obtain a Marketable Mix of Glass.

Composed of a trommel that incorporates a combination of mechanical and air separation technologies, the system helps liberate the glass from materials such as lightweight Plastic, Paper, and Fines.

Utilizing this Glass Cleaning System, sorting centers can reduce their disposal costs and avoid sending glass to landfills. The cleaned glass can then be sold to manufacturers for use in new products, such as bottles, fiberglass, windows, and other glass products.

Overall, the glass cleaning system offered by Machinex provides an effective solution for removing glass from the recycling stream, separating lightweight contaminants, and reducing disposal costs. Additionally, this equipment helps in meeting strict quality standards as proposed for the glass recycling industry.

Remove the Contaminants
and Reinvent Your Glass

Systèmes de tri - Traitement du verre - Avantages

Machinex’s knowledge of Sorting Systems combined with technology partners provide a uniquely advanced equipment package to Sort and Clean Glass from curbside recycling and other separated collections.

  1. Our technology is unique due to its ability to transform glass into small fragments without shredding labels or capsules. 
  2. Paper and aluminum can be recovered easily.
  3. Our technologies help produce glass that meets the criteria of conditioners and recyclers.
  4. It can be used in a different range of eco-materials such as abrasives, pool filtration, mineral wool, etc. 

Glass That Goes Through MX Glass Solutions Can Obtain Purity Rates Up to 99.9%!


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