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April 12th, 2021 – Machinex Industries Inc. is proud to announce the promotion of Benoit Balanger to Sales Project Director. Benoit has worked in different roles within the engineering department since being hired in 2015.

In his new position, Benoit will be in charge of developing sorting solutions in collaboration with clients, in order to bring Machinex know-how in terms of new technologies and turnkey sorting systems. Responsible for the client’s satisfaction, he would know how to come with each project for today and tomorrow’s needs.

When Benoit joined Machinex, he was a Mechanical Designer in the engineering department. Passionate by designing and various sorting process, he decided to be more involved in the different steps of the project, becoming System Manager in 2016. As a System Manager, Benoit had to ensure the proper functioning of the system by having a global and creative vision to meet technical challenges. Then, it was quite natural for him to wish becoming a Sales Project Director to be more involved in the design of the system directly with the customer and to offer innovative design thanks to his in-depth knowledge of engineering.

Double graduated, Benoit did his engineering school in France, while simultaneously obtaining his master’s degree in mechanical engineering at Sherbrooke University, before continuing with a master’s degree in research on natural fiber composite materials.

“Machinex allowed me to make a connection between studies and the professional world. Passionate about design and keen to get involved in every project, I am happy to now be part of the sales team and to be in contact with customers. At Machinex, we work in a constantly evolving field. It generates challenges and it motivates me to meet them” says Benoit.

“We are happy to welcome and support Benoit in his evolution towards new challenges. Already working closely with the sales team for a few years, we know that his attention to detail and his overall understanding of factories will be brought to the fore in the service of our customers who will be in very good hands.” Says David Marcouiller, Vice-President of Sales Engineering.

About Machinex

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2020, Machinex became the first company in Canada to design machinery for material recycling facilities in the ‘80s. The company immediately established itself as a leader in designing profitable and high-quality recycling sorting systems. Today, Machinex is still a world leader in the industry, developing cutting edge sorting, waste management, and recycling technology. Over the years, their experts have designed and installed several turnkey facilities in partnership with leading MRFs in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Oceania.

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