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Waste & Recycling sorting equipment

Waste & Recycling sorting equipment

Machinex is renowned for its innovative, ultra-efficient, and low-maintenance recycling equipment.
It is also known for upgrading and integrating sorting plants to add to its productivity and profitability.
A host of innovative solutions and equipment are available. All of which are installed by a trained and experienced Machinex team for maximum results with minimum disruption.

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Quality Equipment

All our products are designed and manufactured in-house by skilled craftsmen with extensive experience and unmatched industry knowledge. Our designers and engineers pride themselves on the lasting quality of their workmanship and are there to assist and design equipment or systems to perform according to your expectations. Expertise means understanding the market trends and your concerns to remain competitive. Our field engineers keep in touch with major recycling associations and are in tune with specific market needs. They are ready to design and create your future projects.

Lean Manufacturing

With continuous improvement as our guiding principle and lean manufacturing as a management tool, our team is always working to increase quality while reducing cost. We incorporate automation, advanced machinery, and the latest CAD-CAM manufacturing processes to produce reliable, long-lasting machinery.

R&D Development

Through our ongoing R&D investments, we have minimized the need for sub-suppliers by developing and manufacturing equipment in-house. We design, engineer, and build in our plants, ensuring accurate quality control and superior performance. In response to market trends and to meeting our customers’ needs, our R&D engineers are constantly searching for new technologies to help in the ongoing development of new equipment and continual refinement of existing equipment.