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Scrap metal recycling system

Scrap metal recycling facility

As a sorting technologies expert, Machinex offers custom-built and turnkey solutions for your scrap metal recycling needs, whatever the size of your project.

From design, manufacturing, delivering, installation and start up, our team of specialists are there to ensure the right results.
Our heavy duty system can handle scrap metal from automobiles, steel structures, household appliances, railroad tracks, ships, farm equipment and other sources. We use a variety of processes to sort and prepare ferrous scrap to commodity-grade specifications. We can provide our own manufactured products, as well as partner with the most renowned equipment vendors to provide you the best technologies: shredders, magnets for ferrous and eddy current for non-ferrous metals, optical sorters, conveyors, balers,etc.

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Highlights & Benefits
  • Turnkey solutions in scrap metal recycling
  • Highly mechanized system reduces injuries
  • Reliable system & service
  • Best available equipment on the market