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September 12th – GFL Environmental Inc. has been awarded the National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA) 2020 Recycling Facility of the Year for its Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Machinex is proud to have contributed to this success by providing a cutting-edge sorting system with advanced equipment.

The award recognizes leading recycling facilities in North America based on key factors such as innovation, sustainability and environmental impact.

The Winnipeg MRF which began operating in October 2019, was commissioned by the City of Winnipeg to handle residential recycling with additional capabilities to support province-wide recycling programs and meet evolving demands. To meet Winnipeg’s needs, the goal of GFL’s and Machinex technical MRF experts was to develop and implement an efficient, flexible and innovative system in order to manage potential shifts in material composition, maximize recovery rates and increase the value of recyclable commodities.

The system design expanded to become one of the most flexible, advanced, and efficient new single-stream MRFs in North America. The approach with optical sorters replacing traditional ONP screens turned out to be a great success, producing a very high quality of paper. «We are also extremely pleased that GFL chose a highly automated system inclusive of SamurAITM sorting robot. The added value of Artificial Intelligence in a system opens the door to another level of data collection and thus, to analyze and optimize performance», said Chris Hawn, CEO of Machinex Technologies.

The Winnipeg MRF has been built to operate for decades with a long-term vision from GFL. As there will always be a concern of the evolving ton, both fiber and container lines are designed to be able to manipulate objectives. «As an example, the fiber line design incorporates multiple optical sorters and material diversion which allows the operator to change between ejection patterns for positive or negative sorting. This is just one small sample of the special designs to ensure efficient processing of future material streams and compositions», added Chris Hawn.

Karine Moreau
Marketing Manager, Machinex
[email protected] |819-362-3281

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