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MACH Vision™

Understand your material stream composition in real time

MACH Vision, developed by Machinex, provides great understanding of material stream composition in real time. This vision station is powered by Machinex AI and can use a combination of field proven technologies, such as infrared hyperspectral technology, visual recognition, and metal detectors to analyze material stream.

MRF operators benefit from valuable, real-time data on system efficiency and on the ever-changing composition of materials in the recovery stream. With this information, operators can quickly respond to changing trends to optimize plant performance.

MACH Vision™ is connected to MACH INTELL™ PLATFORM, which provides real-time data capture to fully comprehend the material stream.

MACH Vision

Highlights &

  1. Powered by AI, it can also combine field-proven technologies to increase specific recognition
  2. Provides real-time information and data analysis
  3. Provides a greater understanding of the material stream and its composition
  4. Help improve operations and profitability

Obtain the indicators you need to optimize your performance

MACH Intell™ platform

MACH INTELL™ platform is connected to MACH Vision™. Its dashboard provides data captured in real-time to better understand the material stream and provides necessary indicators that allow MRF operators to optimize performance.

  • Flow composition
  • Volume per material type
  • Material trends per given period
  • Total material seen