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A completely integrated solution

Intelligent MRF & Control Systems

Innovation and collaboration: the driving forces of Machinex

Working with our customers to face changing market demands and material streams, Machinex has evolved into an expert in the field of sorting technology. Over the last four decades, Machinex developed its sorting equipment with the vision to deliver a seamless, highly automated, and interconnected MRF.

Machinex AI – A completely integrated solution

Machinex designed its own sorting equipment integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI), including the SamurAI® sorting robot, the MACH Hyspec® optical sorter, and MACH Vision. The NIR (Near Infrared) technology implemented with AI allows for superior material recognition and unmatched purity rates. Data collected coming from a MRF, thanks to our own neuronal grid, is then available in a custom reporting tool, through our MACH Intell™ platform.

Even if your operations are not highly automated, the MACH Vision is a simple and quick solution to begin the automation process. Easy to integrate, it captures operational data in real-time to gain a better understanding of material stream composition and ultimately serves as a powerful business intelligence tool. 

Our Smartest MRF in Europe is now Opened!

Sherbourne Resource Park – A fully comingled MRF

Sherbourne Recycling’s Comingled MRF stands as a beacon of cutting-edge technology where innovation truly thrives.

Boasting a lineup of 14 SamurAI® – Sorting Robots, 2 MACH Vision™ systems, and 14 MACH Hyspec® – Optical Sorters, the facility proudly achieves up to 99% purity on all targeted commodities.

With a minimal reliance on manual sorters, this project is designed with longevity in mind. By harnessing state-of-the-art automation and advanced sorting technologies, Sherbourne Recycling is leading the way toward a more sustainable and efficient future in recycling.

Exploring the Most Advanced MRF in the UK

Sherbourne Recycling Ltd, an innovative waste management company, selected Machinex to design, manufacture, and install a highly automated system to efficiently process residential single stream recyclate at purity levels unparalleled in the United Kingdom. The aim was to deliver a state-of-the-art facility that would remain efficient and responsive to changes in legislation, product design, and consumer habits for the next 20 years, integrating advanced technologies and reducing reliance on manual labor. The result was Sherbourne Resource Park, the most advanced MRF in the UK.

MACH Intell™ platform

Expertise - MACH Intell

The MACH Intell™ dashboard provides data captured in real-time to understand material streams better. This tool provides necessary indicators that allow MRF operators to optimize performance. 

  • Flow composition
  • Volume per material type
  • Material trends per given period
  • Total material seen

Interconnectivity: the must-have of recycling

Machinex is a pioneer in delivering turnkey, highly automated, and interconnected MRF systems. Sorting technologies for optimal MRF operation is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and vision systems that provide real-time material performance analytics for better results.

Systèmes de tri - visite virtuelle
Concepteur et intégrateur de technologies avancées

Advanced technology provider and integrator

As part of turnkey system delivery, Machinex designs and manufactures high-technology equipment that focuses on performance and reliability.

Innovation et collaboration: les forces motrices de Machinex

Working hand in hand to develop solutions

Collaborating with clients during the entire design and implementation process is a leading factor in the success of Machinex projects. Our main goal is to create solutions that respond to our customers’ needs.

Automation & Control

The ultimate management and reporting tool for a plant manager, SCADA logs all relevant information for maintenance and troubleshooting, providing custom reports according to recorded data from each piece of connected equipment.

Automatisation et contrôle